Property Information

Enter key details about the property, such as its name, the total monthly income it generates, and its current market price. This information will help us provide a comprehensive analysis of the property's financial performance.

Additional notes or comments about the property


The total monthly rental income generated by the property. It is the sum of the income from all the rented units and shops.


The proposed or listed price at which the property is available for purchase.

Investment Goal

Specify your target Return on Investment (ROI). This is the percentage of the property's cost that you expect to earn back each year from rental income and price appreciation. Setting a target ROI can help guide your investment decisions and measure the success of your property investment.


The minimum return on investment you expect to earn from the property.

Cash Option

The Cash Option provides you with an opportunity to make an outright purchase of the property using your available funds. You'll enjoy immediate ownership and full control over the property. Calculate your potential returns by considering the gross annual income, applicable taxes, and expenses to determine your Net Operating Income.


The calculated amount of tax that needs to be paid on the gross annual income.


The total annual expenses associated with maintaining and operating the property.


The estimated additional costs, typically around 10% of the selling price, that the buyer will need to pay for finalizing the property purchase.

Mortgage Option

The Mortgage Option allows you to finance the purchase of the property through a loan. This option can provide leverage, enabling you to purchase a more expensive property than you could afford outright. However, you'll need to consider the cost of the mortgage payments, interest rates, and other expenses when calculating your potential returns.


The amount the buyer intends to pay upfront as a down payment for the property, which is usually a percentage of the property's total value.


The length of time for repaying the loan in years.


The annual interest rate charged by the lender for the mortgage loan, usually expressed as a percentage.